Change Log!


  1. Accounts and favorites are here!
  2. Choose between watching the video in a modal window or a new page. This means you can link to our videos now!


  1. Updated the theme a little bit.
  2. Made categories list easier to read.


  1. We've added support for aggregating from RedTube, Tube8, and YouPorn. More videos curated for you to come!
  2. Fixed that pesky autoplay issue on reddit feed for mobile.


  1. Added an aggregator for reddit gifs and videos. No more links to see that tasty gif! Still working out the video loading kinks, if ya know what I mean.


  1. Launched the site and started curating PornHub videos. The best cinematic, sensual, and artistic curated porn aggregated from other sites to come very very soon! Also working on a NSFW gif feed pulling from various subreddits. Neat!